About Quica

Since 2016, under the slow design principles, we find ourselves on a constant search to bring closer the design through solid ideas to every person who wishes to incorporate it into their daily lives. A solid idea gives as a result a functional, timeless and simple design; a sustainable one that can live among different styles and from generation to generation.

Taking the necessary time to plan the design, production, exposition and sale of our products allows us to pay close attention to the details during the entire process, reaching a truly gratifying end result.


Should we get to know each other a bit more?

Hi, I am Elinne Iorgov, founder of Quica.

Some years ago I realized that aside from architecture (a career which I chose to study) I was also passionate about other types and scales of design; at that time Quica was brought to life, as a personal quest.

I started this undertaking alone and from scratch, but today I rely on a magnificent net of people, businesses and similar workshops, to whom I am very grateful. It is incredible to think of all this chain that reacts from the purchase of each of our products.