Slow Design (English)

In this section I want to tell you what Slow Design is for me and how we employ it in Quica.

Slow Design is part of the slow movement. For some authors, the slow movement is about a way of understanding our reality, it is an ideological and practical current that seeks to slow down the dizzying pace of life in which all of us are immerse in these days. This applies in our way of working, in what we consume, how we relate to other people and to the time we dedicate to our own self-care y personal growth. Nowadays we can hear about the slow movement in respect to food, design, urbanization, clothing, art, education and even sex. I don’t think it’s a transient trend, I believe it is a life philosophy that is here to stay and that everyone who wishes so can incorporate it in their life as they see fit.

From my point of view, Slow Design tries to make the creation and consumption of products more conscious and respectful, not only from an environmental perspective but also a social one. It does not only matter anymore if my product is sustainable and eco-friendly, it also matters the chain of people that are involved in its process until it reaches my hands.

The design process must be thoughtful and cautious; we need to give every step of the project the time required, enjoying it, paying attention to the details and without losing sight of who we are designing it for, which real necessities has and how we can cover them. We plan taking into account a global vision, sustainable and for the long run. When I sit down to design, I check that the final product is functional, timeless and of good quality with a prolonged life cycle, the objective is to create products that could pass from generation to generation.

During the manufacturing process we will try to generate the less possible impact on the environment, if there is an excess or residue of the production, it’s our responsibility to search for the possibility of recycling it and make an effort to reduce them to the maximum. The materials and supplies choices are as important as the path that these travel and the way in which they do it to reach us. Whenever we can solve our needs locally, it is wise to do so.

I am convinced that working under the Slow Design principles is the right path for the creation of solid ideas, while doing our part.

Hope you have a great day!