Living with plants

Interior plants and their basic care

In my personal opinion, I believe there is not an architectural or interior design project that does not have a place for some green, even more so, I consider it essential for it to be present.

Plants not only provide life to the decor of our spaces, but also purify the air; they give energy, act as a screen to reduce noise and create a relaxing effect. And what is better than to be relaxed!

It does not matter if you do not have a large window or if you cannot water them every day, there will always be species that adapt to you and your space. I will leave here a list of some species that are pretty as well as resistant, and a few pointers with the basic needs that have worked for me.

It has an excellent development of its effectiveness as an air purifier. The more time it stays in a place, the more efficient it becomes at removing the pollutants and toxins that can be found in the room's air.

This beauty of big leaves is a survivor, it adapts to hallways, corridors and any other little corner of your home, even that place where the light barely reaches.



A type of palm that will give to your decor a joyful touch with the intense color of its leaves and certain elegance with its verticality.

All-proof, the sansevieria is a plant that survives extreme conditions, it is suitable for interior and exterior, lives happily in the sun and in the semi-shadow. It is ideal if you want a plant that reaches a big size but does not take up too much space diameter-wise, since it grows vertically, and even though it will eventually colonize the entire pot you do not need for the pot to be too big.


Red anthurium
If you are looking for flowers, the anthurium will not disappoint you. It is a very resistant species, easy to maintain and it blooms practically during the entire year.

Spathiphyllum or Peace lilies
Of delicate appearance due to the shape of its leaves  and the beautiful white flowers, but resistant and of easy maintenance, with a plus of being a great purifier able to remove things such as moho spores.
We should not be afraid if one day we see it with all its leaves looking down, it is just letting us know that it needs water.



Golden pothos
Climbing plant, perfect for hanging flowerpots or to let it run down the shelf. It is very easy to take care and grows rapidly. Its leaves have a deep green color, they can be even or combine different tones of green, or even show white details.

Syngonium podophyllum
It is a very resistant plant, ideal for those who are beginning to incorporate green in their interior spaces. Although, I must say I have seen it very happily on sheltered exteriors. Its leaves have an arrow shape and a light green marbled color with noticeable veins. In essence is a climbing plant, thus as it grows we can let it spread out through our furniture, place a cane to keep it straight or I have also seen it in its full splendor used as a hanging plant.